Monday, April 6, 2009


  1. Feeling kinda bloggy today. Im gonna be all alone. At lease I can enjoy the sunset.

  2. awwww... you are welcome to my Sunsets whenever you feel bloggy :)

  3. ilmbtar- I love my beautiful talented aunt! :]

  4. I knew it, I just knew it !
    You take Fantastic Photos Rene, you really have the photographic "Eye", which does not surprize me in the least, since your so tuned in with art.

    They are all stunning, I am very impressed !! the use of sillouttes in the foreground and your Perspective all show a natural ability to form images with a camera.

    they also appear to have little or no Post Production done to them or SooC ( straight out of camera ) which is the purist form of digital photography.. just outstanding, I could not pick a favorite :)