Saturday, October 3, 2009

Comic Strip Superstar

Comic Strip Superstar

Hello Friends. I am very pleased to announce that Comfy Kozy made it to the quarter finals of The Comic Strip Superstar contest! Currently the 250 quarter finalists are being narrowed down to 50 by two Universal Press Syndicate editors. This round ends on 10/11/2009, so HOPEFULLY I will have good news to share with you by the 12th (Just in time for my birthday!) If you are interested in learning more about this competition, click on the following link.

xoxox :) Rene


  1. awesome! i think you're a shoe in for the next cut.

    thought you might enjoy these.

    the first 12 are the ones of interest, stare at #9 for a minute.

    Good Luck!

  2. Hey thank you! I do hope to advance, it has been very exciting so far.

    Also thanks for sharing the link to the artwork, those peices are beautiful. I absolutly love how magical they are!


  3. just checking back to see if you advanced, since i dont see a post so im guessing not. i do hope im wrong. still a worthy accomplishment

    hope you have a great birthday and a great year.

    here are some more pics that you might enjoy

  4. i was hoping to hear what you thought of the new links to the pics i sent.

  5. Wow- I'm glad you sent me another comment on this- idk how I missed those. I love it. What an interesting combination of beautiful, funny, & dark in some cases. I felt like I was reading some kind of 3D one panel comic. Did you see my short test animation? I love working 3 dimensionally.

    Are you the artist?

  6. glad you enjoyed the pieces, and no i am not the artist. i just have a knack for finding some really good stuff on the interweb. would like to see more of my finds?

    i did see your animation, that was me who left the comment saing "very cool (which it is), and power to the dreamers!"

    hope to see more of you're work, im sure you heard this before but you have a very cool style.


    and hope you had a great birthday